Willow has accidentally broken her friend's staff! She'll need some arcane glue to help put it back together. However, making the stuff is easier said than done.

How to Play

To try and make a new item, drag the ingredients inside the cauldron, set the temperature and start mixing. If it is a valid recipe, a new item will be made and placed in your item list.

Known Bugs

  • When you start the game, not all items may be displayed. This can be fixed by simply clicking on one of the arrow buttons.
  • The game may take a while to load on Chrome
  • If the UI doesn't look right, you may need to zoom out your browser.


Rated 3.0 out of 5 stars


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We must gain that arcane glue!

It was just a black screen. I couldn't interact with anything

Thanks for your feedback :) We're sorry that the game didn't work for you. Would you mind sharing which browser you were using to access the game so we can look into the glitch properly?

Chrome didn't work, but Edge apparently does!

It's very cute! I really like the art and the theme! Glad I got to play it after all :)

That's great to hear! I'll be sure to check the code to try to figure out why it didn't work on chrome for you. We're planning on polishing it up a bit anyway, now the jam is over :D